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About MBAT

The HEC Paris MBA Tournament ("MBAT") is the largest gathering of MBAs in Europe with 1,500+ MBA students from 15+ business schools coming to HEC Paris’s beautiful campus for 3-days of competitions, networking, and social activities.

The three days will be jam-packed with competitive sports, social games, parties, networking and good times all around. The 2023 MBAT included 38 different competitions welcoming 15 prestigious MBA programs across Europe battling for the championship. While as MBAs are naturally competitive, the MBAT presents a unique opportunity to network and foster relationships with some of the world's best MBA candidates across different schools, countries and cultures.

HEC Paris is delighted to share with you the confirmed dates for the 33nd edition of the historic Tournament: May 9th - May 11th, 2024

2023 Participants

Past Participants

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Past Sponsors

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