Q: Can we send more than 3 participants who do not play any sport?

A: The maximum of 3 participants is a guideline in order to encourage as much playing of sports as possible, but not a totally concrete rule. This includes the MBA partners.

Q: Spouses: will they be required/able to participate as if they were MBA students?
A: Spouses/partners are encouraged to play sports! They pay the same registration fees as students and are subject to the same space limitations as students.


Q: Are former professionals sportsmen and women allowed to participate in the tournament?

A: All athletes of all levels are welcome to play in MBAT. Therefore, former (or current) sports professionals are welcome to play at MBAT, as long as they are legitimately associated with the school. Please keep in mind we highly respect and expect sportsmanship from all players.



Q: Do you sponsor Schengen visas?
A: HEC does not sponsor visas, but we write a letter in support of students who need a visa to visit France. When registering for MBAT, please identify all students who need a visa. The Dean of the HEC MBA program will sign a single letter in support of all students needing a visa and send it directly to the French embassy in the school's country. MBAT University Relations as soon as you register so we can provide this to you as quickly as possible
Please contact.

Q: When can we get the official invitation letter and health insurance related documents, documents required to get the visa?
A: It can be done only after the school confirms participation. Please get in touch with the MBAT University Relations team if you need help.



Q: Does everyone need to register individually?

A: It is not required for the entire team to sign up at the same time, to encourage those who know they are coming to sign up early.

Q: What are the registration fees used for?
A: MBAT is a non-profit venture; fees will be used for transportation, accommodation, events, and parties

Q: Can you do an invoice with the name of our school? (for the cases in which a school subsidizes the MBAT expenses)

A: Yes, just contact the MBAT University Relations team.

A: HEC does not provide refunds for Visa rejections. Please
Q: Will there be a refund if my visa is rejected?MBAT University Relations if you encounter this issue.

Q: Is my ticket refundable?
A: The ticket for MBAT is non-refundable. The only exceptions allowed are for health conditions that do not allow the participant to take part in MBAT 2019. These requests should be accompanied by a medical certificate issued by an accredited medical organization confirming the condition. If a case presents itself, we encourage the school to sub in the participant with another student (see below), but should the school not find one, we will consider a refund only after the culmination of the MBAT 2019. In all cases, the decisions on the refund by the MBAT Committee will be final.

Q: Is my ticket transferrable?
A: Prior to 10th of April, the ticket for MBAT can be sold further to another participant from the same school or to a partner of a participant from the school. These requests would need to be forwarded to MBAT University Relations before the 10th of April so that the systems can be updated ahead of hotel and transport allocation.



Q: When do all forms need to be completed?

A: Forms do not need to be completed at the registration stage, but we would prefer them to be sent to us as quickly as possible after registering. We understand that since one of the forms requires a medical professional you may need time. Please complete all forms by March 31 at the latest. For all participants who register after this date, completed forms must be provided within 72 hours.

Q: What if I don’t have coverage for the things listed in the Compulsory Coverage form, such as civil liability, individual accident, assistance-repatriation and medical expenses abroad?
A: Many EU health insurances cover this, but if you don’t have one or are coming from outside the EU, you can purchase a travel insurance policy that does.

Q: Why are these forms required?
A: Most importantly, French law requires this from all students. Additionally, we require all of this for your own benefit, to make sure you are covered in the unlikely event that something happens.


Q: What is the process of organizing the transport to and from the airport/train station?

A: Transportation from the airport or train station to the HEC Campus is not included in the 2019 MBAT fees. If you need guidance about the different options to move your group from airport

and train stations to your hotels or HEC campus please see the Getting to HEC section or, contact MBAT University Relations.


Q: Can schools put a sponsoring company’s logo on their uniforms?

A: Yes, students can have logos on their uniform.
For all sponsorship related queries, please get in touch withPartnerships team.


Q: Does HEC provide accommodations during the MBAT? How much and how many people

can stay?
A: Yes, accommodations at nearby hotels for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are included in the fees.

A: Breakfast
Q: Do you provide meals during MBAT? If so then, how much

and Dinner are included in your package for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We will also have areas located in different areas of the campus offering a other food and beverage options for sale. Please ensure when registering to indicate if you keep a vegetarian diet.

Q: Can all participants be put in the same hotel?
A: We cannot promise that all participants will be put in the same hotel. It depends on the number of rooms we get per hotel. But, we can assure you that HEC and MBAT will try our best to do so and that is what we generally try to do. We do understand the comfort factor and convenience that you will have if we can put you together in one hotel. We need each university to confirm the number of participants at the earliest possible to enable us to do the best.

A: All hotels
Q: Can you tell us more about the hotels
are inclose?

proximity the HEC campus and we will offer scheduled shuttle service to and from the campus. In terms of rooms, there will be twins, doubles, and triples, with 2-3 guests per room. We will assign rooms on our side, but if you have any special rooming requests, please let us know in advance. The earlier the better!



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