Ultimate Frisbee


a. Tournament Format

  • ●  One team of minimum 5 players, maximum 10 players per team (Minimum 1 Women/Men on the field at all times)

  • ●  Length of matches: 2 halves of 10 minutes each (or first to reach 9 pts in first half, then first to 19 pts wins), plus a 5-minute break.

  • ●  Games are self-refereed

  • ●  Official USA Ultimate Rules


  • ●  Maximum of 2 Teams per school

b. Rules
Specific changes to the USA Ultimate rules for MBAT will be as follows​:

  • ●  Initiate Play: ​Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective end zone line. The defence throws ("pulls") the disc to the offense. A regulation game has seven players per team.

  • ●  Scoring: ​Each time the offense completes a pass in the defence's end zone, the offense scores a point. Play is initiated after each score. Both feet must be in the end zone. And the player cannot run into the end zone even if they cannot stop. If they run into the end zone they must step back on to the line and check the disc.

  • ●  Movement of the Disc: ​The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. Players may not run with the disc. The person with the disc ("thrower") has ten seconds to throw the disc. The defender guarding the thrower ("marker") counts out the stall count.

  • ●  Catcher MUST stop as soon as they can.

  • ●  Change of Possession: ​When a pass is not completed (e.g. out of bounds, drop, block,

    interception), the defence immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense. (Disc must be checked in by A) touching the ground B) opponent touches the disc at the same time they must yell "DISC IN!")

  • ●  Substitutions: ​Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score and during an injury timeout.

  • ●  Non-contact: No physical contact is allowed between players. Picks and screens are also prohibited. A foul occurs when contact is made.

  • ●  Fouls: ​When a player initiates contact on another player a foul occurs. When a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes as if the possession was retained. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone.

  • ●  Self-Officiating: ​Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes.


  • ●  Before Act of Throwing:
    ➢ Thrower - incomplete pass - play on, complete pass - goes back to thrower Offence

    calls foul - play stops disc goes back to thrower
    ➢ Defence Calls Foul - if infraction effects play (ie. picks) then play stops disc goes

    back to thrower Otherwise you will Play On


● During Act of Throwing
➢ Thrower calls foul - completed pass play on, Incomplete disc goes back to thrower
➢ Offence calls foul - Play On if foul did not affect play, if affected play disc goes back to

thrower Defence Calls Foul - Play on if foul did not effect play, if affected play disc goes back to thrower

c. Points
Standard Score System (Please refer to ​Points Allocation ​section)