Touch Rugby


a. Rules

  • ●  Schools may submit up to 2 teams into the tournament, with each team having a maximum of 10 players per match (6 on field and 4 substitutes). It is mandatory to have at least 2 women players on the field at any given time. Rolling substitutes will be allowed and there is no restriction on the number of times a player may interchange.

  • ●  Play starts and restarts at the centre with a "tap". Moving the ball on the ground with the foot, free from the hands, and then picking it up perform this. Penalties are performed by the same procedure. On both a re-start and penalty the defending team must retreat at least 10 metres.

  • ●  Grounding the ball on, or behind, the try-line scores a try. One point is awarded for each try.

  • ●  When touched, the player in possession must place the ball on the ground at the exact point of the touch. Play is re-started by stepping over the ball. It can be controlled with a hand or foot. This is known as a ROLLBALL. The ball may not roll more than a metre. A player

    may not perform roll ball unless touched.

  • ●  The player picking up the ball (the acting half) may run, but if touched a changeover occurs.

    The acting half may not score and a changeover (roll ball) will be awarded if this occurs.

  • ●  After 6 touches possession changes automatically. The attacking team begins play on the

    "first down", starting with a "roll ball".

  • ●  All defending players must retire more than 5 metres in line with the mark of touch. The

    defending team cannot move forward until play restarts, nor interfere with play whilst


  • ●  If the attacking player, when making a quick start, is touched by an off-side defender, play

    can continue. If an attacking side gains no advantage, a penalty tap for the first down will be


  • ●  When a roll ball is taken within 5 metres of the score line the defending players must retreat

    with both feet to behind their score line before they can make the touch. If a player is touched in the touchdown zone before grounding the ball the touch counts and play is restarted on the 5-metre line. At all times no team may delay the game by deliberately delaying a roll ball.

  • ●  If the ball is dropped or if a player crosses the sideline before being touched, change of possession will occur. This is by means of a Rollball.

  • ●  A penalty is awarded for the following infringements; a forward pass, offside play, performing a roll ball over the mark, claiming a Touch when none was made, interfering with the roll ball (running around the ruck) and passing the ball once touched. When a penalty is awarded, the referee will advance 10 metres from where the infringement occurred. The referee must give the exact mark from where the Tap Ball must be taken. The defending team must retire 10 metres from the mark or behind the try-line.

  • ●  If the defending team unsuccessfully intercepts the ball or it is intentionally knocked down, the attacking team starts from a "first down" roll ball.

  • ●  Players of both defending and attacking teams are to use the minimum force necessary to effect touches.

  • ●  After a touch has been effected, the player in possession is required to stop, return to the mark where the touch occurred if the mark has been over-run, and perform a Rollball


without delay.

  • ●  A player is not to pass or otherwise deliver the ball after a touch has been effected

  • ●  Penalty to DEFENDING team where the touch occurred

  • ●  No obstruction, excessive contact, verbal abuse or foul play will be tolerated – the referee is

    sole judge. A penalty will be awarded in such cases and a player can receive 2 minutes in the SIN BIN. Serious or continual foul play of any nature will result in the player being sent off without a replacement.

  • ●  A Player who continually breaches the playing rules is liable for dismissal

  • ●  Period of time dismissal

  • ●  Remainder of match: Player is sent off and is NOT to return to field, cannot be substituted

    b. Tournament format

    The MBAT touch rugby tournament will be a 6-a-side format, played on half pitches. All matches will be played in six-touch format. All other rules will be according to international regulations and refereed by designated officials.

    Each school will play against every other team. Each game consists of two halves of 7 minutes with a 2-minute break for half-time. The winning team will be the one that scores the highest number of points (tries). There are no conversion kicks.

    c. Points

    The group rankings are established according to the following criteria, listed in decreasing order of importance:

  • ●  Number of points (victory = 3, tie = 1, loss = 0,)

  • ●  Highest points secured depending on number of victories, losses, ties

  • ●  Points differential (Total number of points scored – Total number of points conceded)

  • ●  Number of points scored

  • ●  Number of points conceded

  • ●  If none of these criteria enable two or more teams to be separated, a member of the MBAT

    staff will draw random lots to determine who advances to the next round. The best second placed team will also be determined on the same criteria.