a. Rules

  • ●  Each school may be represented by a maximum of 2 teams, and they can also select a squad of a maximum of 6 participants for each team. Each team is composed of a minimum 2 participants and should have a minimum of 1 woman and 1 man playing. Players are not allowed to play on more than 1 team. All participants have to be accredited by name to the MBAT Tennis Coordinator the latest before the tournament starts.

  • ●  We will have a basic bracket with single elimination. Each match comprises 3 sets, each of a different category: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Open Doubles. The winner of a set will be decided on the basis of which team is the first to win a set (No-Ad). In case scores are tied at 6-6, tie-breaker would be played. The winner of a match will be the team with the higher number of sets won.

  • ●  Each team will have a maximum of 5 minutes to warm up before each set. There will be no breaks between games.

  • ●  Each team is required to show up at the tennis courts half an hour before their respective games are scheduled to begin. Some matches may begin a little earlier than scheduled if previous matches get over before the scheduled time.

  • ●  Due to the tight schedule, the time table will be back and forth. Please understand the timetable is just a rough indication. You can check the latest status (result, time, court) at the Coordinators’ Desk.

  • ●  Walkovers are announced automatically if (the case for all encounters):

    • ➢  Teams not showing up at the officially announced time on the schedule

    • ➢  Players participate which haven’t been mentioned on the players list No exception will be considered.

NOTE: All matches are played under fair-play rules (no umpire, no linesman and no ball-kids).

Every player is responsible for the judgment on her/his side of the court and has to count scores

audibly while serving

NOTE: The MBAT Tennis Coordinator will adjudicate Disputes or complaints between two teams

over any of the above outlines.

b. Clothing & Equipment

There is no official dress code required for the tennis tournament.

NOTE: Tennis balls are supplied by the MBAT but rackets are not provided, so all participants must

find room in their luggage for their rackets.