Table Tennis


a. Rules

The following details the rules and regulations for Table Tennis in MBAT 2019. International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules will be applied with respect to umpiring, serving and time-out.

● All rules apart from those stated below are as per ITTF standards.
● Each registered team will comprise a minimum of 4 players (with minimum 2 men & 2

women), and a maximum of 10 players. Teams will contest in five events: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. One person can only play maximum 2 events (i.e. Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles or Men’s Singles and Mixed Doubles)

● Schools can register a maximum of 2 teams.
● If one or more players are not available for play when called, the team will forfeit the

match against that opponent. A maximum of 10 minutes leeway will be permitted. This

● rule will be strictly enforced.
● Postponement of matches and changes of venue will not be permitted under normal

circumstances. In exceptional circumstances, requests may be made to the HEC MBAT

Sports Manager, whose decision shall be final.
● Prior to the start of the tournament, each team is required to register a minimum of 4 and

maximum of 10 players per team. Playing a non-registered player may result in the deduction of points and/or forfeiture of the team’s registration. Visiting B-Schools will need to submit their roster on the day of their arrival to HEC.

● Each singles match consists of five 11-point games, and the first person that wins three games will be the winner of the match.

● Each doubles match consists of five 11-point games, and the first team that wins three games will be the winner of the match.

● If a contest reaches the score of 10-10, the first player/team to create a difference of 2 points (e.g.: 12-10, 12-14) will be awarded the set.

● The HEC MBAT Committee shall publish the schedule of fixtures for matches after details of participating teams have been by all visiting universities. The HEC MBAT Committee must approve any changes to such fixtures.

b. Tournament format & Points

  • ●  To decide the final winner of the competition, there will be a group stage followed by knockout rounds. If a team forfeits more than once, the team would automatically drop out from the league.

  • ●  There are 4 groups with 4 teams each. The winning team from each group will progress to the semifinals. Criteria for determining the winner of each group will be (in decreasing order of importance):

    • ➢  Overall number of points acquired over the course of all matches. Each match consists of 5 sets - one in each of men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Points for matches will be allocated on the following basis: victory = 3, tie = 1, loss = 0,

    • ➢  Overall number of games won

    • ➢  Overall number of points won


● In the tournament, the winning team of one group will compete with the winning team of another group. The team that makes it to the final knock out round and wins the final match will be crowned champion of the event.

Please note: Participants will need to bring their own racquets and accessories, (i.e. wrist bands,

proper attire, and footwear) to participate in the tournament. The HEC MBAT team will take care