a. Rules

  • ●  The MBAT rugby tournament will be a 7-a-side format, played on full pitches. Rules not mentioned in this document will be based on World Rugby laws and refereed by fully licensed local officials.

  • ●  Each school will play against every other team. If there are more than 8 teams registered, the teams will be allocated into 2 pools, and will play in a knock-out tournament. Each game will consist of two halves of 7 minutes with a 2-minutes break for half-time. The team with the highest score will be the winner. There will be no overtime until the knockout stage.

  • ●  Schools may submit up to 2 teams into the tournament, with each team having a maximum of 12 players per match. Players can only be substituted once per game for tactical or injury reasons.

    b. Points

● The group rankings are established according to the following criteria, listed in decreasing order of importance:

➢ Number of points (victory = 3, tie = 1, loss = 0,)

  • ●  Highest points secured depending on number of victories, losses, ties

  • ●  Points differential (Total number of points scored – Total number of points conceded)

  • ●  Number of points scored

  • ●  Number of points conceded

  • ●  If none of these criteria enable two or more teams to be separated, a member of the

    MBAT staff will draw random lots to determine who advances to the next round. The best second placed team will also be determined on the same criteria.