a. Rules
This will be an ergometer competition that will be held on campus
Each team must be constituted of 4 people, each school can have up to two teams for both Men’s

rowing and Women’s rowing. The format of the competition will be 4x500m in a relay style. Each team will be given one ergometer and each member of the team will have to complete 500m in the shortest time possible and return to the starting point (10m away from the ergometer) in order to let his next teammate start. The winner of the competition will be the first team to complete the 2000m (4x500m) and successfully comeback the starting point.

b. Equipment

The MBAT will provide 4 ergometers. Teams must be equipped with the same suit in order to be recognizable for the public.

c. Tournament format

The participant teams will be divided in groups. Depending on the number of teams, the 1st and 2nd fastest teams of each group to complete the 2000m will go to the finals. The finals will follow the same 2000m format.

d. Points

Accordingly, points will be allocated to the top 3 MBA programs according to the Standard Score System (20 points 1s​ t​, 15 points 2n​ d ​and 10 points for 3r​ d​).