a. Tournament format

The MBAT Golf tournament is a one-day 18 Holes STABLEFORD.

b. Rules

  • ●  Mixed gender competition. Each school can have a maximum of 6 players and a minimum of 2

  • ●  A team may be comprised of only men, only women, or both. Men will tee off from the Yellow

    and Ladies from the Red.

  • ●  The rules of Golf apply as stated by the R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews).

    It is recommended that all players have a rulebook with them.

  • ●  All players must arrive at the Golf course at least 30 minutes before tee time to check in. Total

    number of players: +/-30. Caddies are allowed and welcome.

  • ●  Slow play will harm everyone’s enjoyment of the day. This is the reason why we decided upon a

    stableford format, as once it is no longer possible to score a point, a player does not have to

    complete the hole but can simply pick up his/her ball and proceed to the next hole.

  • ●  The allowed maximum Handicap is 24,4.

  • ●  Handicaps will be self-reported in advance. Please bring your official index transcript/handicap

    card for verification on tournament day.

    c. Etiquette & Attire

  • ●  Proper golf etiquette is expected. Any player will be disqualified from the competition for serious breach of etiquette (screaming, excessive hitting of clubs etc).

  • ●  Golf appropriate attire is necessary: collared top (polo or shirt) with trousers or knee-length shorts for both men and women. It is recommended to bring your own golf shoes. If unsure, please ask since we comply with the rules of the Club.

    d. Equipment

  • ●  It is strongly recommended that you bring your own clubs. A limited number of club rentals can be organized but the quality of and lack of familiarity with this set could confer a disadvantage.

    e. Insurance

  • ●  All European Union zone players with golf license for 2019 will have free insurance during the golf competition, provided by the golf course. Please do not forget to bring your documents.

  • ●  For non-EU zone players and for players without a national golf license for 2019, the golf course may charge a fee for the insurance. The best procedure is to make individual contracts for injuries and the 3rd party risk insurance. Please note that these risks are based on self- responsibilities.

    f. Points

  • ●  Irrespective of total players per school, the scores that will count will be the 2 best individual scores per school. Players only need to write down the gross score, members of the golf course will do the calculation of stableford points.

  • ●  The 3 teams with the highest score will obtained points based on the Standard Score System (Please refer to Points Allocation section).


  • ●  Points awarded in relation to a fixed score (Par) at each hole as follows make the scoring in Stableford competitions:

  • ●  Extra Points Longest Drive will take place on a designated hole. Small signs will be used to record the ball position and the player name. The ball must be on the fairway to be taken into consideration. The player with the longest drive will be awarded 2 extra point.

  • ●  Closest to the PIN will take place on a designated hole (par 3). The nearest ball to the pin in one shot will be recorded. Small signs will be used to record the ball position and the player name. The Ball must be on the green. The player closest to the pin will be awarded 2 extra point.