1. a. Rules

  2. The Men’s Football Tournament involves a mixture of round-robin group matches as well as the traditional knockout phase. Contests will involve teams of 11 players per side, with 6 substitutes, making it a maximum squad of 20. Maximum of 2 Teams per school.

  3. Referees for the game consist of 1 licensed official referee and 2 linesmen provided by the teams participating in the tournament. Each team will provide linesmen for the game following theirs in accordance with the instruction of staff.

  4. The Women’s Football Tournament will play by the same tournament structure and rules, the difference will be that they will play 7 vs 7 with a maximum of 15 women per team (one team per university).

  5. The Men's Football Tournament will be conducted on a full pitch. The Women's Football Tournament will be conducted on a half pitch.

  6. Shin guards are recommended, but they are not mandatory and will not be provided. Offsides will be called and all fouls will result in kicks (direct or indirect at the referee’s discretion).

  7. Football boots are mandatory to play (i.e. shoes with cleats).

  8. Men’s Football: ​Each game consists of two halves of 20 minutes with a 5 minutes break at half time. (The duration may be changed depending on the number of teams participating in the tournament.)

  9. Rules for the Round Robin Stage

  10. The teams will be divided in groups. Each winner will advance to the quarter final stage. Depending on the number of participants, up to three of the best second placed teams could also advance to the quarter finals. The three best second placed teams will be decided on the following criteria (in order of importance):

  11. ▪  Highest number of points won

  12. ▪  Best goal difference

  13. ▪  Highest number of goals scored

  14. ▪  Lowest number of red cards

  15. ▪  Lowest number of yellow cards

  16. ▪  In case there is still a tie, there will be a penalty shootout

  17. Points are given as follows: victory = 3, tie = 1, loss = 0,

  18. Women’s Football: ​Each game consists of two halves of 15 minutes with a 5 minutes break at half time. The format will be similar to the Men’s.

  19. Important Note: ​If any team does not show up for a match at the round robin stage, the team that is present will be awarded a 2-0 victory.

  20. 31

  21. Yellow/Red Cards

  22. Any player that receives a red card will not be able to play in the next game (no matter what game that is). Any player that receives two yellow cards cannot play in the following game; however, yellow cards are erased after the round-robin.

  23. Knock-out Round

  24. If tied, penalty kicks will determine the winner.
    All half-times will be 5 minutes long. (The duration may be changed depending on the number of

  25. teams participating the tournament.)

  26. Substitutions

  27. During the whole tournament substitutions are limited to five per game. If the player substitutes the game, he cannot come back. Substitutions can only be made while the game is stopped and after the referee’s authorization. Licensed officials from a local federation will referee all matches.

  28. It is ​fully ​expected that every team plays fair and remember that this is a fun and friendly competition! Then, every team is also expected to provide linesmen for next game promptly after its own game.

  29. b. Points

  30. Points for the 1s​ t​, 2n​ d ​and 3r​ d ​place will be allocated based on the Standard Score System (Please refer to ​Points Allocation ​section), separately for Men and Women.

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