Dance Competition


a. Rules

  • ●  A combination of more than 1 dance form needs to be showcased in this event.

  • ●  Different styles/dance forms can be incorporated (for instance salsa, merengue, bachata,

    samba, Bollywood, hip hop, street jazz, etc.). You can create a theme across dance forms

    if required.

  • ●  The overall performance should be between 2.5 and 4 minutes.

  • ●  It is a group dance, there is no maximum limit on the number of dancers per school.

  • b. Scoring System

    Criteria for the evaluation system:

  • ●  Authenticity of Style Choreography

  • ●  Performance

  • ●  Presentation

  • ●  Creativity

  • ●  Level of difficulty

  • ●  Technique

  • ●  Aesthetic

  • ●  Adherence to the rules.

  • ●  Performances will be scored out of 10.

    c. The Judging Panel

    Each school shall appoint one person to be on the judging panel for the dance contest.
    Judges will evaluate all participating teams except those from their own school. One member of the judging panel will serve as Chairperson to resolve any disputes and ensure fair implementation of

    the scoring system. If your school’s chosen judge is not present from the very first performance, your school forfeits its judging seat.