a. Rules

All matches shall be played according to the rules illustrated below. Each match is a 11-a-side game

and will comprise of a maximum of 10 overs.

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Prior to the start of the tournament, each team is required to register a minimum of 11 and maximum of 15 players per team
Playing a non-registered player may result in the deduction of points and/or cancellation of the team’s registration

Visiting B-Schools will need to submit their roster on the day of their arrival to HEC All present ICC rules are prevalent except for two major deviation

o there are no leg-before-wicket dismissals

o There are no leg byes.
Teams are also urged to note that ICC does not allow runners for batsmen in any conditions at present. MBAT will uphold this rule.


All matches shall be over a maximum duration of 110 minutes including a 10 minute break between innings.
Games are to commence as per the schedules but may commence earlier, should both captains and umpires agree.


Play will commence with a hard tennis ball (Tennex) or an indoor practice seam ball (Windball).
No ball tampering will be allowed, and if ball tampering has been found, the matter will be presented to the HEC MDC.


Maximum of 3 overs per bowler.
It shall be the responsibility of the Captain of the fielding side to ensure that no bowler exceeds the permitted number of overs.
All teams are required to bowl at an average minimum rate of 10 overs per 50 minutes. In the event of a slower over rate without a good cause, the team bowling slow will be liable for a penalty. The exact nature of penalty will be communicated in the rule book Addendum to be shared closer to MBAT dates.
Should a bowler become incapacitated, another bowler may complete the over. A part of an over counts as a completed over for the purpose of calculating how many overs a bowler has bowled in matches where restrictions on the number of overs per bowler apply. A part of an over does not count as a completed over for any other purposes (e.g. total number of overs bowled by the team, statistical purposes, etc.).


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At no point during the game can the teams have more than 5 fielders outside the inner circle.
The first 4 over period of the match is considered mandatory Power play. During the Powerplay, only 2 fielders are allowed outside the inner circle

At no time are more than 5 fielders permitted to field on the leg side during a match.


If any match is adversely affected by weather or ground conditions to the extent that a result cannot be achieved, the match will be played with reduced no. overs. The no. of overs will be decided at the discretion of the umpires.
Both teams will have to bat a minimum of 5 Overs for a match to be deemed completed.

In the event of any team being unable to raise a side (11 players on a team), a walkover shall be awarded to the opposition with ‘win’ points earned. A side shall be of no less than eleven players.


Before the Toss has taken place, the decision with regard to the fitness of the ground will rest with the authority responsible for the maintenance of the ground, or in the absence of the ground authority, umpires appointed by, or in their absence, the team captains. After the toss has taken place, the Umpires appointed by the HEC MCC or, in their absence the Captains, shall be the sole judges as to whether conditions are fit for play. If both Captains cannot agree, both teams shall remain at the ground for one hour after the scheduled start time at which time the HEC MCC shall decide whether or not play is to commence.


The Umpires appointed by HEC MCC shall determine all disputes during a match. MBAT Disciplinary Committee
The MBAT Committee shall be the authority with the HEC MCC for all decisions regarding the playing of a match. The MBAT Committee is empowered to make retrospective decisions on any issue and impose whatever sanctions it deems appropriate.

RESULT SHEETS – Team Captains’ Responsibilities

The full names of all players taking part in a match must be entered on the match result card. This includes any match abandoned as No Result. Matches started count as a game for registration purposes.


A bowler shall be limited to one bouncer per over. A bouncer is defined as a ball that passes, or would have passed, above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease. In the event of a bowler bowling more than one bouncer in an over as defined above, the umpire at the bowler’s end shall call and signal No ball on each occasion.

Any delivery, other than a slow paced one, which passes or would have passed on the full above waist height of the striker standing upright at the crease is to be deemed dangerous and unfair, whether or not it is likely to inflict physical injury on the striker. This shall be called as ‘NO-BALL’ by the umpire.

Should there be any further instance by the same bowler in that inning, the umpire shall call and signal No ball and, when the ball is dead, direct the captain to take the bowler off forthwith. If necessary, the over shall be completed by another bowler who shall neither


have bowled the previous over, or part thereof, nor be allowed to bowl the next over, or part thereof. The bowler thus taken off shall not be allowed to bowl again in that innings.


  • ➢  A tie occurs when the scores are level at the conclusion of the game. At this point, to break the tie, the teams will play a Super Over. This will comprise one over each and the winner is the team that scores more runs. Batting team will be allowed to bat either till 6 legal deliveries are bowled or 2 wickets are taken by the bowling team. Whichever occurs earlier.

  • ➢  PowerPlay Over Rule will apply during Super over.

  • ➢  In case the Super Over also ends in a tie, another Super-over will be played. This will

    continue till a winner emerges.

    b. Tournament format

  • ●  For MBAT 2019, the tournament will be a knock-out tournament.

  • ●  There will be 9 teams participating in 4 rounds; Pre-selection, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and

    Final. However, given odd number of teams, 2 teams will be selected through draw to play a pre-selection to qualify for Quarterfinals. The winner of the pre-selection will join the remaining 7 teams for the Quarterfinals. There will also be a 3rd place play-off, played between two teams that lose the Semifinals.

  • ●  The schedule of fixtures for matches shall be published by the HEC MBAT Office and communicated prior to MBAT. The MBAT Sports Captain and the HEC MBAT Cricket Captains must approve any changes to such fixtures.

  • ●  Postponements of matches and changes of venue will not be permitted under normal circumstances. In exceptional circumstances, requests may be made to the MBAT Committee and HEC MBAT Cricket Captain (HEC MCC), whose decision shall be final.

    For any other points not covered by this document, ICC rules and standards will be applicable.