• a. Rules

  • ▪  There will be both an individual and team event

  • ▪  Individual event:

  • o Maximum of 2 players per university yet only the best result for each university will score points.
    o There will be 7 rounds (everybody will play 7 games, with computer pairing). 10min/player - 20min/game max.

  • ▪ Team event:
    o 4 players per team, Maximum 2 teams per school
    o Round numbers: The number of schools entered will determine the number of rounds played. The system is: every team assigns a player for table 1, a player for table 2 and so on.
    o Time per game: 15 min/player - 30min/game max (can be adjust with regard team

  • number)

  • FIDE Laws of Chess cover over-the-board play.
    The MBAT chess competition rules will follow the FIDE rule as follow:

  • https://w​ww.fid​ htt​ps://w​ww.fid​

  • b. Points

  • Victory: 1 point; Draw: 0.5 points per match. For each of the two competitions the scoring system will be 5 points for first place down to 1 point for 5th place. Points will be added with 50% weight for both individual and team performances to determine the overall winner. The 3 teams with the higher score will obtained their respective points based on the Standard Score System (Please refer to Points Allocation section).