Beach volleyball


NOTE: In case of rain or extreme weather conditions games will be played indoors, time permitting

a. Rules

  • ▪  There can be up to 2 teams per University.

  • ▪  Teams will be co-ed with 4 people on the sand (1 female minimum per team on sand at all times)

  • ▪  Total of 6 players per team with 4 substitutions per game at server position.

  • ▪  A win is 3 points, 0 for a loss

  • ▪  1 timeout (30 secs) allowed per team per game

  • ▪  Side-outs (The team that wins any given point gets to serve on the next point) Finals - 2 timeouts (30 secs) allowed per team per game

▪ Game best of out of 3 sets (including semi and finals), in each set the first to reach 15 points wins. In case teams are tied at 14 the game continues until the difference is of 2 points
▪ Time is limited to 45 minutes, therefore if a third set needs to be played and time is up then the team with the highest points win.
▪ Please be at the court 15 minutes before your start time in order to keep to the schedule.

b. Tournament format

▪ Teams will be assigned random numbers and placed into pools (will be determined by overall number of entrants). Each team will play 2-3 games within its own pool to find out who will proceed to the next round.

The 1 or 2 teams (depending on the number of teams) of each pool with the most wins will pass to the next round. If there is a tie between two teams as to who passes to the next round the winner

will be





decided on the following criteria (in order of importance): Head to head record
Total number of points scored
Total number of points conceded

After pool play, the winners will play the semifinals and finals to determine the overall of the tournament.

c. Points

Points to the 1s​ t​, 2n​ d ​and 3r​ d ​place will be allocated based on the Standard Score System (Please refer to ​Points Allocation ​section).