Battle of the Bands


a. Rules

  • ●  The overall performance may be up to 20 minutes including the setup time.

  • ●  Each team is open to choose the genre for the performance.

  • ●  There can be a maximum of 8 members performing per school.

  • ●  Instrumental performance is mandatory. Vocal performance is not mandatory.

  • ●  All instruments will be provided (drum kit, cables, mics, amplifiers are included, you may

    bring your own guitars).

    b. Scoring System

Stage presence and Crowd interaction (This criterion is based on how well the band connects with the crowd).

  • ●  Aesthetic,based on the overall look and personality of the band.

  • ●  Original composition - Adding an original composition will be an advantage.

  • ●  Performances will be scored out of 10.

  • ●  Criteria that form the evaluation system:

  1. Music - based on creativity and lyrical content.

  2. Performance and presentation.

    c. The Judging Panel

  1. Each school shall appoint one person to be on the judging panel for the BOB contest.

  2. Judges – as in the Eurovision Song Contest – will evaluate all participating teams

except those from their own school. One member of the judging panel will serve as Chairperson to resolve any disputes and ensure fair implementation of the scoring system. If your school’s chosen judge is not present from the very first performance,

your school forfeits its judging seat.
3. There will be an option for bands to practice for up to 30 minutes before the

event (schedule will be provided later).
4. The winning band will be able to perform again for another 20 minutes (if they want).