a. Rules

The following details the rules and regulations for Badminton in MBAT 2019. For detailed information about IBF rules, please visit: ​

All rules apart from those stated below are as per IBF standards.

Each registered team will comprise a minimum of 4 players (with minimum 2 men and 2 women), and a maximum of 10 players. Teams will contest for shuttlecock glory in five events:

Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. One person can only play maximum 2 events (i.e. Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles or Men’s Singles and Mixed Doubles).

Schools can register a maximum of 2 teams. If one or more players are not available for play when called, the team will forfeit the match against that opponent.

b. Tournament Format

All teams will be allocated into groups for initial qualification round with winner(s) advancing to the knockout rounds. Matches will be a best of three sets going to 11 points in the qualification stages. If a set reaches 10-10, the set must be won by a margin of two points or the first to 15 points, whichever comes first. A match between two teams will comprise of five different matches (men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles). All five matches will be played in group round, the winning team will be the team who wins the best of five matches mentioned above, in the event of a tie the winner will be determined by the number of sets played. The winner(s) of each group will advance into the next round which will operate under a knock-out format.

In the knockout stages, if the winner emerges after the first three matches, then the remaining two matches will not be played. In case of an odd number of teams, we will play a round robin format with all three teams playing each other once to determine the winner, second place and third place. With an even number of teams, we will continue with knockouts. The final stages will be a best of three sets going to 21 points. If a set reaches 20-20, the set must be won by a margin of two points, or the first to 30 points.

Criteria for determining the final winners after round robin stage:

  • -  Most matches won during round robin stage

  • -  In the event of a tie between two or three teams, the total points garnered in the round robin stage will be used to determine the winners. Towards this end, all five games will be played (irrespective of the results) in the round robin final stage

  • -  Points allocated in each game will be on the following basis: win = 1, loss = 0

  • -  If a tie persists, then the team which has won more sets during the round robin stage will be declared the winner